Tammy = Passion

Tammy is a master stylist with 20 years experience in the hair salon industry. Her passion for styling hair has always been within her heart. This is why her particular aesthetic shows in every job she does. Her passion for the cosmetology industry was so strong, it even pulled her away from her degreed field of accounting. 




Natural Entrepeneur

A great and skillful artist can't go far without an active attitude towards business and development. Tammy funded Trendz by Tammy Hair Salon, one of the top black hair salons in Houston, Tx.,19 years ago


Trendz by Tammy | Black Hair Stylist Pearland/Houston

About Ms Tammy

black hair salon Houston short hair cuts natural hairstylists on Twitter Black hair salon Houston TAMMYabout1New Orleans native

Houston's premier black hair stylist making Houston women beautiful for 21 years. Ms Tammy, owner of Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon, master hairstylist specializing in black hair, grew up in a group home for girls after her mother was murdered across the street from her childhood home. In high school, she won a $10,000 Coca Cola Martin Luther King Jr scholarship. She made her case to Vocational Rehabilitation Association that she was a handicap of the state due to the fact that she didn't have parents and wanted to go to college. That bit of genius landed Ms Tammy another $1,500 a semester for college. This allowed her to attend the college of her choice. Without the scholarships, she would have had to attend a state college. Ms Tammy graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana with a bachelor in Accounting. It wasn't until her senior year in college she was bit by the cosmetology bug. She attented Molers Beauty College for 15 months. Once Ms Tammy graduated from Molers Cosmetology College, she was ready to put the skills she had accumulated to work in the real world. She was also ready to leave New Orleans and move to Houston, Texas. In August, 2016 Ms Tammy became a Goldman/Sachs 10,000 small business alumni.


For Tammy, failure was not an option.

No copycat, cookie cutter hairstylist here.

Ms Tammy started her life in Houston as a single mother on welfare. But for Ms Tammy, failure was not an option. In 1995 she relocated, with her four year old son, from New Orleans to Houston to start a new life. She didn't have a job, she boarded a room, and she had $200 to her name. But she knew she had things in her favor. She have a bachelor's degree in Accounting, a cosmetology license, and faith. She scratched, worked hard, and used her technical skills as well as her academic training from college to survive. In just 5 years after Tammy's relocation to Houston, she opened her very own Houston hair salon in 2000. Ms Tammy said she comes up with solutions, not excuses. Ms Tammy uniformly trains all of her hairstylists so that any hairstylist can service any client. Today's busy client is tired of being held hostage by their hairstylist". You don't have to wait all day on one overbooked hairstylists anymore. You can "chair hop" and go to another hairstylist in the same salon. It's ok. We are the only commission full service hair salon in Houston specializing in African American hair. Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon offers superior customized hair care services and professional hair care products. Her hair salon specializes in soft healthy natural hair, virgin relaxers, corrective relaxers, relaxer retouches, ghani braids, goddess braids, keratin protein hair straightening treatments, short hair cuts and hairstyles, sew in hair weaves, damage hair repair from overprocessed or underprocessed hair caused by improper application of relaxers or permanent hair coloring and dreadlocks retwist, hair braiding and maintaince. And yes we still do Jheri Curls and Fingerwaves. She invites all to visit her photo gallery on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/blackhairsalonhouston  or our Twitter page at https://twitter.com/trendzbytammy or our youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/TrendzbyTammy. Ms Tammy says she has been able to be so successful for 21 years as a hairstylists in Houston because of the attention she gives to hair and the type of styles she does. She knows that no matter what new fades come about, women will eventually always come back to wearing their own natural hair. She explains, this is why the name of her Houston black hair salon is TRENDZ by Tammy Hair Salon. Trendz don't go away, they reinvent themselves. Ms Tammy also feels every experience is a learning opportunity. She admits even though many of the young ladies who have worked at her salon over the years seek training, she learns just as much from them. She also knows she would not be where she is today without the hair industry experiences that each and every one of those hairstylists has contributed to her black hair salon. Ms Tammy also believes you must acknowledge, appreciate and learn from your critics. So often, loved ones won't or is not capable of giving you real criticism because of fear of hurting your feelings or repercussions. But your enemies will be bitterly honest. So listen to criticism no matter from where it comes. And take responsibility for your own successes and failures. Tammy is versatile, talanted and driven to continue to maintain the level of professionalism she has for the past 21 years in the beauty salon industry. She is the premiere Houston/Pearland hair stylist to see in for all your precision hair cuts, natural hair, hair weaves, keratin hair straightening and hair coloring treatments. 

Orginial Ms Tammy Quote   

"Our situation is due to our decisions moreso than our circumstances" 

"Some of the best learned lessons are taught by people not intending to help you" 

"You won't reach greatness pursuing immediate gratification"

"Humble yourself"


About Tammy: The Business Expert 

Tammy is also a marketing and advertising consultant at Good Promise Advertising Agency. She helps small businesses increase their presence and relevance on the internet through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by driving target marketed traffic to their small businesses' website. She is a motivational speaker and a spoken word poet. Tammy caters to college students, professionals, and anyone else looking for high-quality, low mantainence hair care services while relaxing in a warm environment and engaging in current event conversations. Were still cozy after all these years.



Amazingly talented,

unique and creative, Tammy has a particular eye to bringing out the beauty of hair. She can envision the right look for anyone's hair style, classic, modern, 70's retro, professional (it will help you get that job) and even colorful or futuristic.

She is the Heroine that saves your hair.