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Come visit the best black hair salon in Houston. It is no longer enough for the black woman to just to have a fabulous hairstyle. Many of these very styles, such as micro freestyle braids, Brazilian blowout (which contains formaldehyde), the Dominican straightening are causing severe and often permanent damage to the black woman's hairshaft, hair follicles, hair root, ends and scalp. Too tight freestyle braiding often causes alopecia tension.

Come to Houston's Premier Black Hair Salon in business for 21 years.  

Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon of Houston offers these healthy hair styling options instead:

  • HAIRstylesHAIRcuts3Hair Relaxers, Virgin Relaxer, Relaxer Retouch
  • Perms
  • Jheri curls 
  • Two Strand Twist
  • Straw Sets
  • Pencil Curls
  • Roller Wraps
  • Roller Sets
  • Keratin Protein Straightening Treatment
  • Silk Press
  • Natural Hair Blowout
  • Natural Hair Care Styles
  • Dreadlocks
  • Protected Quick Weaves
  • Protected Flawless Sew in Weaves
  • Beautiful Flat 27 piece Quick Weaves
  • Feed in Ghana, Goddess and Cornrow Hair Braiding Salon

Based on a consulation, Trendz by Tammy in Houston near Pearland, TX will often make suggestions on what salons services you will need on that visit. Healthy hair begains with proper applied chemical salon services, proper tention for my natural hair and hair braiding and always proper trimming (cutting dead ends). Because great hair care doesn't stop when you leave the salon, Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon/ Hair Braiding Salon will also give you advice on a regiment to follow at home. The more consistent you are with your hair care regiment, the easier it will be to train and maintain your hair when you are away from the hair salon. You will never see Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon covering product labels, lying about use or names in the hopes of you believing that in order to maintain your salon look, you must visit the hair salon every single week. And that's ok if that is a clients' preference, but it is not necessary.  Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon/ Hair Braiding Salon wants you to maintain a healthy regiment on your hair for the days and weeks that you are not able to get to the hair salon. And although we agree an individual should never attempt to apply their own hair coloring, chemical relaxer or any other type of hair chemical product, some maintenance, such as shampooing and conditioning can be done at home. Trendz by Tammy Black Hair Salon even retail professional black hair care products such as Design Essential, Mizani, KeraCare and Affirm for home maintenance. This black hair salon is only miles from Pearland, TX. Lets get healthy, let's stay healthy.

  • HAIRstylesHAIRcutsNet hair weaves specialist Up do's
  • Precision short hair cuts
  • Fade
  • Dreadlocks
  • Cornrow hair braiding
  • Box braiding
  • Natural Hair Care   
  • Virgin Hair Relaxers 
  • Corrective Hair Relaxers
  • Permanent Hair Coloring


Take care of your hair. A healthy head of hair is one of the most beautiful gifts that a woman can have. You take one from the other, that woman begins to feel incomplete. When a woman has a beautiful head of hair, her confidence ski rockets , her spirit is lifted and she feels as though she can take on the world. Turn yourself into a queen with professional black hair care salon services including shorts hair cuts, black women hairstyles, keratin protein straightening hair treatments, sew in hair weaves, quickweaves extensions, virgin hair relaxers, hair perms, permanent hair coloring, long layered hair cuts, up do's, front lace wig, dry scalp and dandruff treatments, and damaged hair repair services.

  • Short hair cut
  • Medium hair cut
  • Long hair cut
  • Precision hair cuts 
  • Feathered hair cuting 
  • Layered hair cutting 
  • Trim of split ends
  • Bald  Fades
  • Edge Ups